Story, simulation, and immersive experience design.

BuK is an experiment in immersive film and traveling exhibition. One part traveling roadshow, one part drive-in cinema, the film is screened for an audience of four seated in a station wagon as the story unfolds in 360 degrees, projected against the interior surface of a ‘pop up’ geodesic dome.

Buk envelops the audience in the tale of a non-traditional family making the mid-winter drive from New York City to a remote cabin in the Adirondacks by blending experience design and physical environment with story and simulation.

Unobstructed 360 degree video footage shot from a moving vehicle is a difficult proposition. For our proof of concept, we mounted the camera on a boom and extended it beyond the hood of the car.

The rig is designed to 'hide' the vehicle behind the camera to the greatest extent possible.